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wedding Policy for Providence Church


A Church wedding is a Christian ceremony uniting one man and one woman, and all preparations should be made with this in mind. All components of the wedding service should be appropriate for a Christian service and are subject to approval by the Session of Providence Church.


Providence Church does not own a building, and as such, the location of the wedding ceremony is left to the wisdom of the Bride and Groom. Inside Weddings (that is, weddings in a local Church building) is strongly encouraged over outdoor weddings. All congregational music (or solos) used in the wedding service must be approved by the pastor performing the ceremony. The Session of Providence provides a historical liturgy for the wedding.((Private communion during a wedding ceremony is contrary to our confession (WCF, XXIX.IV) and to the spirit of the sacraments, which is a communal meal. Wedding vows may not be written for the occasion. The couple will use the traditional wedding vows accepted and used by the church for several hundred years)).


It is the desire of our Church to be helpful to people desiring a church wedding. Following are regulations for the parties involved.


The Session requires that all couples for whom our pastors will perform a wedding ceremony be professing believers whose lives show evidence of their relationship with Christ. All couples must meet with the pastor performing ceremony, or with someone approved by that pastor, for counseling prior to the wedding. Typically, the engaged couple will meet for six hours with the pastor performing the wedding. These sessions may be divided into 1-4 meetings. These situations may vary if the couple resides in another state.


If you are not a member of Providence, and would like one of our pastors to perform the ceremony, the Session requires an interview, and if possible, pre-marital counseling, before agreeing to perform the ceremony. All weddings of non-members need to be first approved by the Session.


For those utilizing our pastors to perform the wedding, an appropriate honorarium, along with any travel expenses incurred by the pastor, are strongly encouraged.


Pastor Brito can be reached at pastorbrito@providencepensacola.com or (850) 377-3049

Pastor Stout can be reached at pastorstout@providencepensacola.com or (850) 324-1479