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Parents are responsible to teach the Word of God to their children and make sure they understand what they hear from the pulpit on the Lord’s Day (Deuteronomy 6:6-9). Family worship is time set aside each day to sit down as a family and worship the Lord together. The following are examples of what can be done during this time:

  • Sing a hymn or a psalm. The Cantus Christi provides a healthy selection of psalms and hymns.

  • Read a Scripture passage and discuss its meaning and application. Providence Church will provide a list of devotionals during the Advent and Epiphany Seasons.

  • Pray together. Take your petitions to the Lord and pray for one another. We believe that children need to see prayer modeled in the home. Each week a particular family of the Church is prayed for by the congregation. The individual families and their requests are sent out in the weekly pastor’s note. We encourage you to pray for our fellow brothers and sisters in the body. If you would like to be added to the e-mail list, contact Pastor Uri Brito at

Catechism, Scripture Memorization, and the Story of God

Providence encourages all our member families to teach their children the catechism (click here to see catechism resources) and learn the central themes of redemptive history (Scripture memorization is encouraged). 

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